Square Canadian Cedar Far Infrared Sauna Room

    Model: I-007

    Size: 1200*1200*2000mm

    Capacity: 1 Persons

    Voltage: 110V/220V/380V

    Power: 1.2KW

    Rated Voltage: AC220-240V

    Rated Frequency: LF50HZ

    Control circuit voltage: DC12V

Wood Material

  • Canadian-Red-Cedar-Wood.png
  • African-White-Wood.png
  • Finland-Pipe-Wood.png

Benefits does Infrared sauna have?

1) Mold the body: infrared can eliminate excess fat, recover skin, reduce weight and keep fit.

2) Pain relief: infrared can dilate capillaries, support blood circulation, increase oxygen for the pain site, clear up the ache and inflammation.

3) Strength health: enjoy infrared 30 minutes can consume 4000kj calories which is equivalent to these sweat of a long-distance race of 10 km.

4) Good mood: harmony infrared with dulcet music which is useful to alleviate mental stress and tiredness.


Sauna Room body and Bench (Canadian Cedar Wood): 1set
Tempered Glass(8MM): 1set
Tempered Glass Door: 1set
Wood Stool: 2pcs
Heat plate: 4pcs
Control Panel: 1pc
Colorful LED lights: 1 batch
Stainless steel and wooden handle: 1set
Stainless Steel Hinge: 1set



Heating panel

Energy-efficient and convenient heating panel, through electric heating principle creating a modern and leisure sauna enjoyment idea.

Indoor control panel

Science and technology inside control panel can help you easy to control or adjust the temperature when you using the sauna house.

Colorful small LED lights touch control panel

Fashion touch control panel and easy to operation. 7 colors transform brings you a romantic and relaxed Sauna leisure enjoyment.

304 Stainless steel hinge

Stainless handle

Inside is wood: can protect the high temperature scald after using the sauna.

Canadian Red Cedar Wood


Years of Cedar wood,high density and strong nail holding power.

No plots in the wood, beautiful appearance.

Natural wood smell makes you feel relaxed

Bright Red color makes a royal and high class feeling.

Water proof and corrosion prevention.

Material: High price level


African White Wood


1. Middle density and strong nail holding power.

2. Tough and smooth appearance, no plots.

3. Appears a little yellow color,delicate wood feature.

4. Represents minimalist.

5. Material cost: Middle price level.


Finland Pipe Wood


1. Traditional sauna wood,good density and nail holding power.

2. Project prefer.

3. Easy to build and design, customized size prefer.

4. Supply quick and short production time.

5. Material cost: Low price level.


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