Is going to a sauna room effective to lose weight?

Can sauna room be used to lose weight? Sauna heater has a lot of sauna benefits, and the most attractive one for us is that it helps us lose weight. A growing number of people are using a sauna steam room to lose weight, but is going to a sauna room effective to lose weight?


Sauna room first appeared in the Netherlands. In China, it is customary to call it a sauna steam bath. Many large hotels, restaurants, and nursing homes are equipped with sauna kits, which becomes more and more popular among people.

sauna steam room

Many people are suspicious of the weight loss effect of the home sauna kit. However, according to the survey, the sauna does have a certain effect, but it is only suitable for people with simple obesity, and without serious complications. Before taking a homemade sauna, wash your skin with warm water several times and enter the steam room. Start with a temperature of 40°C ~ 50°C and gradually heat up. High-temperature steam can accelerate the evaporation of water, speeding up your breathing rate, and consuming fat and thus achieving weight loss.


However, going to the sauna and steam room is not suitable for obese people with diseases such as hypertension and coronary heart disease. Our body will change due to changes in the environment. When the external temperature goes higher, the body will autonomously increase heat dissipation, consume energy, break down fat, and at last result in weight loss. Each time the body discharges 500 ml of sweat, it is equivalent to jogging for 10 kilometers.

Sauna heater


Most of the finish sauna kits use volcanic stones, which are resistant to high temperature. The sauna stones contain zinc, potassium, calcium, and iron, which are beneficial to the human body. When the sauna stones are heated, trace elements are distilled out with the steam and absorbed through the skin. The temperature in the bathroom is maintained at 80-110 degrees, the body temperature rises, the metabolism and blood flow are accelerated, and the blood flows from the organs to the body surface, which can relax the brain and internal organs, and the muscles will become slack and thus eliminate fatigue.


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