Indoor Wet And Dry Sauna Steam Shower Combination Room

    Model: M-8251(R/L)

    Size: 1800*1200*2150MM

    Steam Generator: 3KW

    Sauna Stove: 3KW

    Voltage: 110V/220V/380V

    Rated Frequency: Lf50Hz/60Hz

    Control Circuit Voltage: DC12V


  • 1. Radio function
  • 2. Cycle spray water massage function
  • 3. Steamer filter function
  • 4. Indoor sauna function
  • 5. Anti-creeping and anti-overload function
  • 6. Removable high quality sauna stove function
  • 7. Ceiling vent for air circulation function
  • 8. Illumination function


Radio system: 1set
Hand shower: 1pc
Top water shower: 1pc
LED touch control panel: 1set
Steamer: 1pc
Pin-stick jet: 6pcs
Faucet: 1pc
Stool: 1pc
Sauna Room body and Bench: 1set
Tempered Glass(8mm): 1set
Sauna stove: 1pc
Sauna stone: 1box
Wood Frame around Sauna Stove: 1pc
Sauna Sand glass: 1pc
Hygrothermograph: 1pc
Sauna wood vat: 1pc
Sauna wood spoon: 1pc
Safety lamp: 1set


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